I would like to thank everyone I have coresponded with whilst compiling the information for this project. Many of these contacts have been through the Genesreunited website.

Where I have added information in these pages that I have not found independantly, I have tried to give the details of the source on the Names page.

Special thanks go to:

Betty Sherry for sharing the letter to Australia and some photos.

Jean Bennet for the photo of Dennison and the two Alfreds and her introduction to Phil Hanley (below).

Gordon Hanley, Claire Horner, Trish Wood & Mary Sayers for help with the tree when I first started

Andy Sefton who's own site provided the motivation for this one and for adding a link on his excellent Pocklington History site where you can find lots more on the places that many of the people in these pages lived.

Phil Hanley for sharing his extensive research and various photos and documents. Phil also contributed to The Hanley family section on the Pocklington History site.